MATRIXFREEDOM REVIEW - Biggest Freedom Community

Alpha to Omega

At MATRIXFREEDOM, we are building the world’s biggest freedom community

Our freedom plan is very well thought out and is gaining momentum, as evidenced by the accelerated growth in members and supporters

Those that want freedom operate at the Omega end of the energy frequency, and those that want control work at the Alpha end of the spectrum

Omega energy is an unstoppable force. Why?

Omega energy represents everything good, it is our higher self

Alpha to omega

Fear and Ego

Opponents of freedom, those in fear and an egoic state, operate at the Alpha end of the spectrum and will attract others with Alpha frequency, its the law of attraction

As the momentum behind MATRIXFREEDOM’s freedom community grows, I am expecting many to fear what we are doing; there will be trolls, journalists, competitors and those paid by the establishment to try and undermine our freedom momentum

I want to offer all those that operate from the Alpha end of the spectrum an opportunity to rise up to Omega energy

I, therefore, invite moderated debates with any individual or group of individuals; see “Moderated Debates”

I want to help you to operate at the Omega end of the energy frequency spectrum. Will our opponents try?

A famous quote from Rumi

“Raise your words not your voice”

The Alpha List

I list below the individuals and groups that have attempted to undermine our freedom community and operate from Alpha energy frequency:

Simon Goldberg of YouAndYourCash, WhiteRabbitTrust and Empower The People

Simone Marshall of Empower The People, Simone Marshall Empower the Earth

Dimitris Dimitriadis, independent journalist

Ramzy Alwakeel, Martin Williams, Julian Richards of OpenDemocracy

AKA Captain Jack, of MFVSG

Angela Musso in cohort with Dimitris Dimitriadis

MATRIXFREEDOM REVIEW - Biggest Freedom Community