In the matter of Iain Clifford v Dimitris Dimitriadis, Ramzy Alwakeel, Martin Williams, Julian Richards and openDemocracy In The Court of Truth


Iain Clifford

“I brought about these proceedings following alleged defamation of my character and or defamatory statements made about me by the defendant

I give every defendant the opportunity of sending me their evidence to justify their statements that defame or libel my character, either written or oral, in a formal evidence bundle

Following the submission of the defendant’s evidence, I invite them to a recorded physical meeting or a recorded video meeting to present their case and evidence

Or they can issue me with a written public apology that retracts everything they have said and written

If the defendant submits evidence and attends the meeting, I will refute it with the truth

I will send the defendant’s evidence and my evidence, and the video of the meeting to my MATRIXFREEDOM members for their verdict

Should the majority of my members find against the defendant, I will issue an affidavit to the defendant, providing them with a further opportunity to submit their evidence and refute under oath my assertions of their tort of defamation and or libel

If the defendant fails to respond to the affidavit with sufficient answers, I will file a UCC1 lien against the defendant’s CQV Trust (Strawman) for substantial damages

I will liquidate the lien via the IRS or statutory demand

I will use the proceeds to build the MATRIXFREEDOM freedom community for my members

Should the defendant fail to submit any evidence

The correspondence below details the actual dialogue between me and the defendant, my writings in green italics and the defendant’s in standard blue text”

From: Iain Clifford

Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 8:57 AM

To: Dimitris Dimitriadis , Open Democracy

Subject: Revealed: Facebook still allowing ‘unauthorised’ wealth scheme adverts

Importance: High


I refer to your article:

opendemocracy unauthorised wealth scheme matrix freedom advertising facebook instagram meta action fraud

It appears that you and Open Democracy:

1) Are not aware of my email and WhatsApp announcements, do not visit my website,  do not attend my monthly ask Iain Q&A webinar or the dedicated webinar I presented to a small percentage of members that were not getting my communications, or

2) Choose to ignore the facts

3) Did not give me the right of reply prior to publishing the libellous article

I have attached a recent email that outlines the facts of this matter and contains an offer to my members of an upgrade;

Here is the link to the webinar that explicitly addresses the questions and concerns of members

Here is a link to my announcements, navigate to more ANNOUNCEMENTS


In straightforward terms, MATRIXFREEDOM is building the world’s biggest freedom community, and our members love it, as evidenced by our growing number of testimonials;

Testimonials here


Every member that paid for a self-directed administrative service branded, Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve has the opportunity of a free upgrade to a far superior Financial Abundance Programme (link below) and the opportunity to join our independent freedom community with parallel infrastructure enabling freedom from the matrix

Link here

We are building a freedom community to avoid the digital concentration camp

Link here Stop the digital concentration camp surveillance social score and cbdc

Watch my recent presentation Unity via community here


  • Nobody has lost money (including the individual you quote in the article,  this lady is a member that has elected the upgrade option)
  • There is no breach of contractual warranties
  • No scam
  • No misrepresentations
  • No money laundering



  1. Watch my Q&A webinar and submit your questions by 17.00 Friday, 24th February 2023 I will answer your questions on a recorded video meeting at 14.00 on 2nd MarCh 2023.
  2. You will join from Open Democracy, and I will participate as the founder of MATRIXFREEDOM; the meeting will be moderated
  3. The video meeting will be published for our members
  4. Our members will vote on their preferred course of action related to your libellous article and your attempts to undermine the prospects of our members



Should you fail to submit your questions by Friday, 24th February at 17.00 or submit your questions by this time and fail to attend the video meeting on Wednesday, 2st March 2023 at 14.00, I will immediately commence a series of UCC1 lien filings (as described on my website and unless you immediately remove the article and issue me with a public apology I will file for a high court injunction to compel you to remove the article and other libellous material from public publications

Iain Clifford

Subject – libel and malice against MATRIXFREEDOM do you choose win, win, win or lose lose, lose

Dear Member

I have recently received several emails forwarded from satisfied MATRIXFREEDOM Members that deeply disappoint me

It appears that a group calling itself MATRIX FREEDOM VICTIM SUPPORT GROUP (“MFVSG”) and others are making and publishing false and libellous statements about me, MATRIXFREEDOM and our staff. MFVSG (and others) emails and communications are circulating via group emails, WhatsApp and Telegram channels

The statements promote falsehoods, defame my character and reputation and the character and reputation of my senior team and staff

The communications appear to also intend harm and malice to MATRIXFREEDOM Members, our senior team and staff by attempting to undermine our banking relationships and destroying MATRIXFREEDOM’s prospect of delivering on our financial abundance solutions to our satisfied members

MFVSG allege that MATRIXFREEDOM is running a scam and defrauding its Members and money laundering

These allegations are very serious, unfounded and those that are spreading libellous content or originating and driving MFVSG will be added as defendants (others) in a high court libel and corporate espionage case against Simon Goldberg Quatloos Reviews, the originators of MFVSG and others

Let’s examine the facts:


  • A non-profit Private Members Association


  • An information service
  • An education accreditation service


  • Provide financial or legal services
  • Debt management services
  • Claims management services



  • Iain, I am the founder and driving force behind the evolution and development of MATRIXFREEDOM, you can read about me here about Iain Clifford
  • Terry, oversees MATRIXFREEDOM’s finances, Terry has a 40 year career in banking and financial services compliance, terry has been registered at the FCA for a large part of his career.
  • Dan, is our head of research and technical, Dan is responsible for the technical structuring of MATRIXFREEDOM’s financial abundance solutions, Secured Party Creditor, Non-Statutory Trusts and Creditor Tax Rebates. Dan is a published author and very well respected for his work in alternative health, energy, communications, and commerce
  • Steve, is the head of our legal department, Steve is responsible for all internal and external contracts, trust construction, counterpart dealings and defending MATRIXFREEDOM, and its senior team’s reputation
  • Barrie, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s performance coach and runs a large property portfolio as a landlord and runs one of the country’s biggest landlord groups. Before joining MATRIXFREDOM Barrie was and is one of our highest paying Members
  • Angela, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s project manager with a team project developers, Angela is responsible for the development of multiple projects that aim to build the independent parallel freedom community that our members want
  • Mrinal, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s IT manager, Mrinal heads up a team of platform developers
  • Fiona, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s fulfilment manager, Fiona operates a large team of fulfilment managers working across MATRIXFREEDOM’s affiliated customer-directed fulfilment companies
  • Leo, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s Membership recruitment manager, Leo has a large team of educators
  • Simone, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s Affiliate manager, Simone and her team onboard Affiliates and Network Originators. MATRIXFREEDOM has several thousand Affiliates that refer their friends, family and co-workers to MATRIXFREEDOM
  • Sarah, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s MM development manager, Sarah is responsible for recruiting Vendors into MM, MATRIXFREEDOM’s soon to launch marketplace of Vendors and abundant Members that will become the platform for our independent economy with of, power, internet, currency, water, food, health and most other goods and services required to run a parallel economy
  • Sally, is MATRIXFREEDOM’s marketing manager, Sally and her team are responsible for raising awareness of MATRIXFREEDOM’s Freedom via Financial Abundance proposition



MATRIXFREEDOM via is affiliated companies and in addition to our senior team employs a large staff of over 40 individuals, many of which came to work for MATRIXFREEDOM having been a member first

MATRIXFREEDOM refers its Members to affiliated administrative companies to:

  • Carry out customer-directed administration services
  • Secured Party Creditor filing
  • Non statutory trust creation
  • Creditor tax filing
  • Document processing
  • Postal tracking & monitoring
  • Private secretary document preparation
  • Document storage / document management



  • The affiliated companies do not provide success warranties for any of the customer-directed administrative processes



  • The companies provide a customer-directed administrative services, meaning under the contract the customer is responsible for the outcome of any process the customer directs



  • Customers do not have the right to a refund based on timescales of the conclusion of the customer-directed administrative processes
  • Customers do not have the right to a refund based on any failure of the administrative process to provide a successful outcome
  • Customers may have the right to a refund if they can evidence that the Supplier has committed a material contract breach that the “Supplier” cannot remedy



  • There is no scam
  • MATRIXFREEDOM, via its affiliated companies, has upgraded the available solutions, see below
  • If MATRIXFREEDOM was running a scam, why are we launching MM as a vendor and beneficiary marketplace?
  • Why have I created CQV Trustees as a corporate trustee and tax filing service?
  • Why do I collectively employ a team of over 50 individuals, with the majority working in research, development and fulfilment?



  • There is no evidence of fraud or money laundering as there is no fraud or money laundering
  • MATRIXFREEDOM has never collected any funds from any of its Members
  • None of the affiliated companies has committed any fraudulent act, nor have they breached their contractual obligations
  • There is no money laundering; if there were, the payors (that’s you the customers) would be aiding and abetting money laundering



  • The processes promoted under the brand names Mortgagee, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve were withdrawn in the summer of 2022
  • The withdrawal of these processes was triggered by the discovery that representations given by Simon Goldberg Quatloos reviews and Andrew Jackman on their track record were misrepresented



  • I discuss the withdrawal of Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve processes and the Simon Goldberg quatloos reviews and Andrew Jackman misrepresentations on the CODA and Dr Sam White interviews

Linked here:

Dr Sam White



I recently received an email from a satisfied MATRIXFREEDOM Member that promotes and encourages donations of £1,000 to build a crowd fund, the email says that once the £100,000 is raised MFVSG will hire a barrister to build a case against MATRIXFREEDOM, me and my senior team


For all the reasons I state above there is no MATRIXFREEDOM scam, no fraud, no money laundering and most importantly no breach of contract by any of the MATRIXFREEDOM affiliated companies

If any Crowd Fund platform takes on this nonsense I will be surprised, if anybody makes a donation of £1,000 they will lose their money as there is no case, the donors will be excluded from the upgraded financial abundance solutions on offer by MATRIXFREEDOM as covered below


The evidence strongly supports that Simon Goldberg MFVSG and others are running a corporate espionage campaign against MATRIXFREEDOM. The campaign is a full time endeavour and appears to be a way for Simon Goldberg to challenge MATRIXFREEDOM’s market dominance within the freedom community whilst promoting his businesses, YouAndYourCash and Empowerthepeople. On the CODA interview (link above) I cover the background of Simon Goldberg and Andy Jackman alleged misrepresentations of success related to:

  • Commercial liens, the process adopted by Mortgagefree and discontinued due to the discovery of Simon and Andy’s misrepresentation (alleged)
  • A4V, the process adopted by Sovereign Reserve and discontinued due to the discovery of Simon and Andy’s misrepresentation (alleged)


If you have paid an affiliated company for Mortgagefree, Sovereign Reserve or Natural Justice administrative customer-directed process the solutions available to you have been upgraded and you can access the upgrades at no extra cost


  • They keep this secret… but you are a creditor to the State
  • You, along with 97% of sentient living beings, create the currency supply for the world’s economy
  • Your labour was pledged by your mother to finance the State when she registered your birth as a chattel of the State
  • every digital payment you make via your bank account or card payment, and every mortgage, loan or credit card was created by your pledge of labour and converted into new currency
  • All currency you create is treated as a creditor tax, and you have an inalienable right to creditor tax rebates, equivalent to:
  1. your last three years’ digital bank payments and every year going forward. Meaning the payments, you have made, and will make, through your bank account/s, debit and credit cards
  2. the face value of loans and mortgages that your strawman contracted to from the age of 18
  3. the creation of new currency to: discharge your current mortgage, loans, and taxes, buy a house, buy a car, pay for goods and services




  • The SPC process corrects your status, you become the head honcho, and take control over your Cestui Qui Vie trust (your strawman) instead of the State, SPC status enables you to keep your creditor tax rebates, and much more



  • The NST is the ultimate wealth preservation solution that affords, privacy, protection and the preservation of your NST assets with no State registration, reporting or taxes
  • Your NST enables you to pass your assets (exempt from tax) to your heirs


  • You have the right to claim creditor tax rebates, equivalent to
  • Your last three years’ digital bank payments and every year going forward. Meaning the payments, you have made, and will make, through your bank account/s, debit and credit cards, including your Membership fee
  • The face value of loans and mortgages that your strawman contracted to from the age of 18
  • The creation of new currency to: discharge your mortgage, loans, and taxes, buy a house, buy a car, pay for goods and services

4) JOIN MM A vendor and consumer marketplace with an irresistible USP

  • MM enables our financially abundant Members to use their newly created currency (via Creditor Tax Rebates) and use it to buy property, cars, products and services via their NST from approved Vendors without tapping their earnings or savings, or taking out loans to fund their purchases





Living man or woman

No rights as a man or woman only Strawman Cestui Que Vie Trust privileges

Unsecured creditor to the State

Inalienable rights as a man or woman with Strawman Cestui Que Vie Trust privileges

Secured Party Creditor

Strawman Cestui Que Vie Trust

Ward of and under State control as a permanent debtor

Trustee of Cestui Que Trust

Secured Party Creditor

Beneficiary to Cestui Que Vie Trust

DebtIn debt via mortgage, credit card and loans Debt free
TaxTaxes funded by earnings or savingsTaxes funded by Creditor Tax Rebates
Asset ownership, control status (property, car & investments) Assets under State ownership and control Assets owned by private Non-Statutory trust under living man, woman control
Wealth Reliant on career, business success or inheritance Reliant on Creditor Tax Rebates
FreedomUnder State control Freedom via financial abundance


We have sent numerous communications outlining the opportunity to upgrade to all our Members as listed below


matrixfreedom announcements


Live Q&A webinar every month with Iain Clifford to answer questions from Members

matrixfreedom q and a with iain


I run live presentations regularly at our headquarters for Accredited Members, the feedback and testimonials are very positive

matrixfreedom track record


Members that attended my live presentations are saying:

Natalie and Ben

“We were so grateful to come into the MATRIXFREEDOM headquarters and meet Iain in person last week. The information and detail shared was very helpful and it was clear to see just how dedicated he is to this mission. Iain has a warm approach and a very big heart. This is not simply a business or financial endeavour, this is a movement and a freedom revolution, and we really understood this during the presentation.

All the staff we met were so friendly, helpful and made us very welcome, and it was brilliant to be able to meet the lovely Simone in person too and thank her for all the work she’s doing.

It was great to connect with so many like-souled people and we are so excited to be on board with this life-changing, paradigm shifting mission”


“I can’t tell you how important this invitation to a physical presentation was to the credibility of everything Iain is trying to do. The presentation is excellent and the opportunity for clients to see for themselves that this is all real, that the offices and the people really exist, is incredibly powerful. The importance of this meeting cannot be underestimated”

Rikki and Jess

“The invite email had everything we needed in there to get us to the meeting on time. It helped that we knew where we were going as we’d not long visited Leo in the office, so we were prepared.

Everyone in the team was so inviting and welcoming. That’s the first point I would like to make. Leo and Paul have been an excellent source of knowledge and support and I couldn’t thank them enough.

Myself and Jess found the whole morning very useful, and Iain’s delivery and tone has helped this all to sink in now. The webinars have been a great starting point for our own research, but Friday really added a few layers of detail that have helped us understand (1) process, (2) the size of the problem and (3) the plan for a wider alternative community and long-term strategy that really makes us excited for the future. Understanding Iain’s vision is very interesting”


“I would like to say what a great presentation it was today, Iain always delivers, from day one of listening to him on the webinars it was evident to me what a great individual he is, you really resonate with his integrity and honesty, it was also nice to see you, Iain and some of your colleagues I have spoken to previously in person.

You are all doing a fantastic job, well done to you all at MF, I am very grateful to have met you all on this exciting journey. Looking forward to the future”


We do not have disgruntled members once they comprehend the benefits of the upgraded solutions;


  • I will host a live Q&A webinar and answer questions exclusively from recipients to this email
  • If you have paid for a Mortgagefree, Natural Justice or Sovereign Reserve process you can enjoy the upgraded solutions at no extra cost; if you are interested, please read the announcements for instructions on how to upgrade
  • The upgraded solutions are conditional, you must meet these five conditions to qualify:
  1. Cease all activities as the originator of liable against MATRIXFREEDOM via group email’s WhatsApp, Telegram, video or any other medium and supply Iain Clifford with an email apology
  1. Cease all activities as a group participant of liable against MATRIXFREEDOM and request to be removed from the group. email’s WhatsApp, Telegram, video or any other medium
  1. Cease and withdraw any complaints you have made to Action Fraud that claim you have been defrauded
  1. Cease and withdraw any complaints you have made to your bank or debit or credit card provider requesting a refund
  1. Cease and withdraw from any crowd fund campaign that purports to fund a case against MATRIXFREEDM, me and my senior team



Should we discover that any Member (currently in progress with a customer-directed administrative process to set-up their upgraded solutions via one of the MATRIXFREEDOM affiliated administrative companies) is in breach of any or all the Five conditions listed above, the affiliated company will cease working on the Members process and close their file


Should we discover that any Member or other persons are instigating libellous activity or aiding and abetting it via group email’s WhatsApp, Telegram, video or any other medium and is not prepared to cease their activities and issue me and my senior team with a written apology, we reserve all our rights to issue court proceedings for libel against any originators of libellous content


A win, win, win outcome for you, MATRIXFREEDOM and our satisfied Members can be achieved by you ceasing libellous activities and upgrading to the financial abundance solutions


A lose, lose, lose outcome for you, MATRIXFREEDOM and our satisfied Members. If you continue with libellous activity you will appear in the high courts as a defendant in a civil case. You may get a refund from your bank, but you won’t enjoy becoming and sustaining financial abundance; you will cause potential harm to MATRIXFREEDOM and its satisfied members

Please indicate your interest in the Q&A webinar by completing the enquiry form below and submitting your questions

Iain Clifford

Re: Revealed: Facebook still allowing ‘unauthorised’ wealth scheme adverts

On Fri, 24 Feb 2023 at 07:47, Iain Clifford <> wrote:

You have until 17.00 today to submit your questions and points that you want to raise on the recoded video meeting I detailed in my last email

This is your chance to put your points over

Rumi famously said

“Raise your words not your voice”

The question is will you raise your words?

I want you to start to resonate at the Omega frequency level instead of the Alpha,  will you?

Vibrations take you from alpha to omega



Our legal department has commenced the preliminary stages of legal proceedings against Simon Goldberg and others involved in alleged libel and corporate espionage campaign

Be aware of our success in removing Simon’s libellous content

Our legal department complained about the videos Simon Goldberg posted on YouTube, YouTube have removed the videos listed below as they are libellous

  • Video #1 – Title – Response #2 to MOB post of 27th April 2022 – Featuring MATRIXFREEDOM & Iain Stamp
  • Video #2 – MATRIX FREEDOM – Iain Clifford Stamp – Buttocks Exposed
  • Video #3 – MATRIX FREEDOM – Iain Stamp – TheMasterdebater
  • Video #4 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM – Iain Stamp – Iain Clifford – Blue Sky Marketing (+ COPYRIGHT claim)
  • Video #5 – MATRIX FREEDOM – Stamp ADMITS Credit Ratings are Screwed & He Can’t Cancel Mortgages
  • Video #6 – MATRIX FREEDOM – How to Get a Refund of the Money You Paid to MATRIX FREEDOM
  • Video #7 – MATRIX FREEDOM – The Proof – He Who Does Not Deny, Admits (MAXIM)
  • Video #8 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM – Motivations
  • Video #9 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM – Review – The Videos THEY Don’t Want You to See. Please Re-Upload
  • Video #10 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM Debt Wipe Off SCAM
  • Video #12 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM – Video #11 Response to Dr Sam White’s Interview with Iain Stamp ~ Stumped (Part 1)
  • Video #13 – Title – SCAM EXPOSED ~ Credit Set-Off Scam: Video #1
  • Video #14 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM Iain Stamp Caught Red Handed Money Laundering (+ COPYRIGHT Claim)
  • Video #15 – Title – MATRIX FREEDOM Matrix Freedom Truth Talk Video (+ COPYRIGHT Claim)
  • Video #16 – Title – Michael of Bernicia Vid 2 Response to Post 27 April 2022
  • Video #17 – Title – Video Exhibit #2 MATRIX FREEDOM Conspiracy to Hack YAYC Website Part 1
  • Video #18 – Title – Video Exhibit #3 MATRIX FREEDOM Conspiracy to Hack YAYC Website Part 2
  • Video #19 – Title – Video Exhibit #4 Full MATRIXFREEDOM…….(COPYRIGHT Claim)
  • Video #20 – Title – Video Exhibit # 5 Excerpt MATRIX FREEDOM Council Meeting 31st May 2022 Credit Ratings Screwed
  • Video #21 – Title – Video 2 MATRIX FREEDOM Buttocks Exposed
  • Video #22 – Title – Video 3 MATRIX FREEDOM Masterdebater
  • Video #23 – Title – Video 4 MATRIX FREEDOM Blue Sky Marketing
  • Video #24 – Title – Video 5 MATRIX FREEDOM The Plot Revealed
  • Video #25 – Title – Video 6 MATRIX FREEDOM How to Get a Refund (Defamation Claim)
  • Video #26 – Title – How to Get a Refund (Defamation Claim)
  • Pending Approval – Video #27 – Title – Video 7 MATRIX FREEDOM The Proof
  • Pending Approval – Video #28 – Title – Video 8 MATRIX FREEDOM Motivations for Making the Videos
  • Pending Approval – Video #29 – Title – Video 9 MATRIX FREEOM The Videos the Don’t Want You to See
  • Pending Approval – Video #30 – Title – Video 10 MATRIX FREEDOM Debt Wipe Off Scam
  • Pending Approval – Video #31 – Title – Video 11 MATRIX FREEDOM Stumped Part 1
  • Pending Approval – Video #32 – Title – Matrix Freedom Destroy Credit Ratings

Re: Revealed: Facebook still allowing ‘unauthorised’ wealth scheme adverts

Mon 27/02/2023 09:18

Dear Mr Clifford,

Thank you for your email. We have read and considered it and have no further comments to make.

Yours sincerely,
Julian Richards | managing editor

he/him | Free thinking for the world