In the matter of Iain Clifford v Leo Delaney In The Court of Truth

Iain Clifford, Leo Delaney

Iain Clifford

“I brought about these proceedings following alleged defamation of my character and or defamatory statements made about me by the defendant

I give every defendant the opportunity of sending me their evidence to justify their statements that defame or libel my character, either written or oral, in a formal evidence bundle

Following the submission of the defendant’s evidence, I invite them to a recorded physical meeting or a recorded video meeting to present their case and evidence

Or they can issue me with a written public apology that retracts everything they have said and written

If the defendant submits evidence and attends the meeting, I will refute it with the truth

I will send the defendant’s evidence and my evidence, and the video of the meeting to my MATRIXFREEDOM members for their verdict

Should the majority of my members find against the defendant, I will issue an affidavit to the defendant, providing them with a further opportunity to submit their evidence and refute under oath my assertions of their tort of defamation and or libel

If the defendant fails to respond to the affidavit with sufficient answers, I will file a UCC1 lien against the defendant’s CQV Trust (Strawman) for substantial damages

I will liquidate the lien via the IRS or statutory demand

I will use the proceeds to build the MATRIXFREEDOM freedom community for my members

Should the defendant fail to submit any evidence

The correspondence below details the actual dialogue between me and the defendant, my writings in green italics and the defendant’s in standard blue text”

Tue 07/03/2023 17:57

From Fiona Keen to Leo Delaney

Hi Leo, 

I propose a meeting on Friday 10th March 2023 at 1pm at the Office to discuss your part in a video uploaded on White Rabbit Trust you tube account. on the 06.03.23 and Simon Goldbergs Facebook on the same day. 

at the meeting you will be provided with an opportunity to explain why you downloaded on 17/02/23 at 17.29pm a private sales meeting and the meeting transcript and how and why this meeting video and transcript was sent by you to Simon Goldberg. 

Should you not attend the meeting I will take your non-attendance as an admission that you did aid and abet Simon Goldbergs harassment by Publication campaign against me and MATRIXFREEDOM members, and i will issue you with an affidavit that provides you with a further opportunity to deny your part in it or issue me with an admittance of the same and a public apology. 

Should you not provide me with a public apology or rebut the Affidavit. I will issue a UCC1 over your CQV Trust as described here

The Lien will remain filed against your CQV Trust until you provide me with a public apology and an admittance of your part in the Simon Goldberg harassment by publication campaign. 

on arrival, please go to reception and inform Claire you have arrived, someone will come to collect you. 

Kind Regards,

Fiona Keen
Facilitated Financial Abundance