Moderated Debate


I challenge anyone making allegations of my wrongdoing to submit their evidence to me via the enquiry form below

Unless there is proof that what you say or write is true your allegations defame my character and if written are libellous

I require you to cease saying or publishing them unless you can prove them to be true


Iain Clifford MATRIXFREEDOM Founder




I provide you with an opportunity to stand by your allegations by presenting me with your evidence;

I require you to present your evidence in this format:

I will prepare my evidence bundle to counter your allegations and send it to a few days after you submit your evidence

You will be invited to my offices to present your case in person, or you can join by video link, you must refer to your evidence bundle when presenting your case;

I will present my counter evidence;

The meeting will be recorded;

The meeting recording will be published on my website

and posted on social media


If I discover you are saying defamatory things about me or making written libellous statements about me and you do not deliver your evidence in the format I require or provide me with a public apology by a date I require on a written statement that unreservedly withdraws your defamatory comments or libellous statements one by one and apologises to me;

I will file an Affidavit against you that compels you to prove your allegations, if you cannot prove your allegation under oath and under the risk of perjury if you lie about what you said or wrote you will accept that your words or written material has caused me damage

To remedy my damage I will serve a UCC1 lien over your Strawman’s CQV Trust as described here: