In the matter of Iain Clifford


Simon Goldberg, Mark Moxom and Simone Marshall In The Court of Truth

Mark Moxom, simone marshall empower the earth, Simon Goldberg Quatloos Reviews


Iain Clifford

“I brought about these proceedings following alleged defamation of my character and or defamatory statements made about me by the defendant

I give every defendant the opportunity of sending me their evidence to justify their statements that defame or libel my character, either written or oral, in a formal evidence bundle

Following the submission of the defendant’s evidence, I invite them to a recorded physical meeting or a recorded video meeting to present their case and evidence

Or they can issue me with a written public apology that retracts everything they have said and written

If the defendant submits evidence and attends the meeting, I will refute it with the truth

I will send the defendant’s evidence and my evidence, and the video of the meeting to my MATRIXFREEDOM members for their verdict

Should the majority of my members find against the defendant, I will issue an affidavit to the defendant, providing them with a further opportunity to submit their evidence and refute under oath my assertions of their tort of defamation and or libel

If the defendant fails to respond to the affidavit with sufficient answers, I will file a UCC1 lien against the defendant’s CQV Trust (Strawman) for substantial damages

I will liquidate the lien via the IRS or statutory demand

I will use the proceeds to build the MATRIXFREEDOM freedom community for my members

Should the defendant fail to submit any evidence

The correspondence below details the actual dialogue between me and the defendant, my writings in green italics and the defendant’s in standard blue text”

From: Iain Clifford

Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 1:01 PM

To: Simon Goldberg (quatloos reviews); Mark Moxom; Simone Marshall

Subject: You should take notice of this Simon, Mark, Simone (you)

I refer to your MATRIXFREEDOM Facebook page and various of your other publications, emails and communications:

It appears that you:

  1. Are not aware of my member email and WhatsApp announcements, do not visit my website,  do not take notice of my monthly ask Iain Q&A webinars and, or the dedicated webinar I presented to a small percentage of members that were not getting my communications, or
  2. Choose to ignore the facts of what we are doing at MATRIXFREEDOM and our central objective of building a freedom community
  3. Have malicious intent to harm Matrixfreedom and its members
  4. Don’t care about freedom from the matrix and in particular the “Digital Concentration Camp”


 I have attached a recent email that outlines the facts of the matter relating to our members;

 Here is the link to the webinar that explicitly addresses member questions and concerns

Here is a link to my announcements, navigate to more ANNOUNCEMENTS


In straightforward terms, MATRIXFREEDOM is building the world’s biggest freedom community, and our members love it, as evidenced

by our growing number of testimonials;

Testimonials here matrixfreedomtestimonials


Every member that paid for a self-directed administrative service branded, Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve has the opportunity of a free upgrade to a far superior Financial Abundance Programme (link below) and the opportunity to join our independent freedom community with parallel infrastructure enabling freedom from the matrix

Link here

We are building a freedom community to avoid the digital concentration camp;

Link here

Stop the digital concentration camp surveillance social score and cbdc

Watch my recent presentation Unity via community here

Watch my internal staff meeting “Freedom Points” here

This is what MATRIXFREEDOM is about and I believe you know it


• Nobody has lost money
• There are no breach of contractual warranties
• No scam
• No misrepresentations
• No money laundering
• MATRIXFREEDOM does not provide financial services and do not require an FCA licence


1. Watch this webinar and submit your questions about what we are doing for our members by 17.00 Monday 27th February 2023
2. Watch this meeting and submit your questions about what w are doing to build the freedom community for our members by 17.00 Monday 27th February 2023
3. I will answer your questions on a recorded video meeting at 14.00 on Monday 6th March at 14.00 or a time that you propose
4. You will join on behalf of your pose, and I will participate as the founder of MATRIXFREEDOM; the meeting will be moderated
5. The video meeting will be published for our members and via social media viewers to watch
6. Our members will vote on their preferred course of action related to your libellous activities and your attempts to undermine their financial abundance and freedom prospects



Many of our members have and do send me your emails related to OID (Creditor Tax Rebates) and your confirmations of cheques for OID coming from the US Department of Treasury,  it is disingenuous for you to claim that what we are doing re OID does not work when you are doing the same or very similar


Should you fail to submit your questions by Monday 17.00 27th February at 17.00 or submit your questions by this time and fail to attend the video meeting on Monday 6th March 2023 at 14.00 or propose an alternative date and time, I will immediately commence a UCC1 lien filing (as described on my website matrixfreedomreview ucc1 liens) over your (Simon and Mark and Simone) CQV Trust,  and;

Over all members of your pose for aiding and abetting harassment by publication; and
unless you immediately remove all of your material relating to me and MATRIXFREEDOM and issue me with a public apology I will retain the lien over all of the CQV Trusts and file for a high court order to compel you to pay me damages for harassment by publication

All rights reserved

Iain Clifford

From: Iain Clifford
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2023 7:42 am
To: Captain Jack
Subject: RE: Iain Clifford offer to Captain Jack and MFVSG, with deadline Friday 24th February 2023 17.00

AKA Captain Jack

You have until 17.00 today to submit your questions and points that you want to raise on the recoded video meeting I detailed in my last email

This is your chance to put your points over

Rumi famously said

“Raise your words not your voice”

The question is will you raise your words?

I want you to start to resonate at the Omega frequency level instead of the Alpha,  will you?

Vibrations take you from alpha to omega

Alpha to omega

Simon Goldberg Mark Moxom Quatloos Reviews

From: Simon Goldberg (quatloos reviews)
Sent: 24 February 2023 08:49
To: Iain Clifford
Subject: Re: You should take notice of this


I suggest you read your own email which stated: “Should you fail to submit your questions by Monday 17.00 27th February at 17.00

Now you’re impatiently stating: You have until 17.00 today (24th February)

Just typical of you – you dishonour your own words with further emails and threats.

It appears you have zero idea of the customs of commerce and issue demands in a format which is unacceptable (email) and with little or no time to respond – no doubt so you can Boldly Declare that the Spaniard: “hasn’t responded” when in fact I have – which is what you did last year with your alleged Norwich Pharmacal proceedings – you know the ones – the proceedings you claimed on your website to have issued but didn’t!

What’s the case number of those proceedings Iain?  There isn’t one!

Do your staff know the truth about that? Big words and no substance.

Do your staff know that I responded to your appalling letter before action and you couldn’t counter?

I bet they don’t!

Have no fear – all the communications will be going up on line to show EVERYONE what a childish Person you really are – you literally are all mouth and no substance!
NO SUBSTANCE whatsoever! Just like the alleged “services” you offer.

Counter Claim:

Your emails form part of a course of conduct amounting to intimidation and harassment. I speak for Simone, Mark and Angela when I write this.

In addition you have, in my opinion:

  • breached contract (YAYC house rules and terms of use) by re-engineering Intellectual Property (“IP”) from the Acceptance for Value and Commercial Lien courses plus use of materials from the YAYC website without permission,
  • breached contract (YAYC house rules and terms of use) by directing staff to steal IP fro YAYC (we have the videos and written messages) – Stephen Dewen among others
  • “Passing off” as myself (fraud) – claiming that I work with you, claiming I endorse you, using my videos on your website without permission, using my name in your emails without permission, using my reputation to further your business [scam] I hold proof of emails, I hold video tapes of your presenting to “customers” and telling them I “worked with you” and “we had a falling out” when that is not true. I also have you on video admitting that I “turned you down” and have never worked with you – thus by your own words I can show that you are an out and out liar!
  • Harassment – sending me multiple unwanted emails, whether it be in an attempt to get me to work with you, or making your endless empty threats of court proceedings (in itself a breach of CPR if I am not mistaken), directing your gang of agents to harassment me into accepting a debate which (when accepted) you yourself then backed out of by moving the goal posts.
  • Harassment – by making defamatory and unfounded comments online by way of videos and your “dossiers” citing me, and others as “thieves” and claiming we have “stolen ideas form you” when in fact it is the other way around as I can prove with your own actions and words
  • Defamation – for some of the reasons afore-mentioned,list not exhaustive

If you wish to start a lien – go right ahead – just remember – there are severe penalties in commerce for lying under oath!  Also remember this: you asked me for help with liens. Theory is often different from reality and you haven NEVER had success with a lien. But I have. So you do what you feel you must.

The moment you do so – I shall not only rebut what you have claimed – but shall, in turn, commence my own lien proceedings against you, White, and all other members of your management team copied herein.

I have all your addresses, and details of your assets.

That aside, as one of your “70,000 members” of MATRIX FREEDOM PMA – I, and every other member, have/has a right of action against you for breach of trust if you refuse to comply with the demands of the MFVSG in holding a Special General Meeting as which your stewardship is being questioned and a vote of “no confidence” calling for dismissal has been tabled, together with the dismissals of your management team – the very same tea that has failed to deliver on the big bold promises you have made – and continue to make.

The problem you have is that we have documentary proof of what we are claiming, plus (in many cases) your own words whether spoken or written.

You have your delusions.

I, and others, including your ex-staff, have been busy collating all the evidence against you and now have a sizeable, cohesive and compelling case to present before the courts (civil and criminal).

So you WILL get your wish of court action and we’ll see how well you fair.

There are hundreds of people who have been ripped off by you – believing your false statements and your defence is what?

“these “customers/members” were directing me to provide a self administered process which means I am not responsible for my promises – they are”

Absolute fantasy!

How can customers/members take up a service where only you allegedly knows the process yet they are directing you? And what happens if your staff DONT DO what they are directed to do? Is that not a breach of contract in itself?

From what the MFVSG has been told – you directed staff NOT to continue with paperwork processes!

You have wrapped yourself up in so many lies you clearly don’t know what is truth and what is fiction.

I suggest your staff keep an eye out for the written exchanges between you and I – they might just be surprised.

Bring it on…

In the meantime – you will receive a response to your pathetic and child-like demands – by 27th February 2023 as per your original outburst.

We will be accepting your offer of a live interaction but not on your terms – because you don’t get make the rules.

I, and members of the MFVSG will most likely hire a hall and invite you and your management team to attend. You will be able to face your customers/members and we will hold a vote as to your tenure.

We will also hold a live discussion which I (and others perhaps) will take part in – it can be filmed – and i will show you evidence of our claims and you can show proof of your innocence.

More than 28 days notice must eb served to all matrix freedom members of the event date.

Full response and email to follow.


Simon aka the Spaniard

errors and omissions excepted due to the speed of this response given the child-like tantrums of stamp.

From: Simon Goldberg (quatloos reviews)
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2023 8:57 AM
To: Ben Hawkes; Iain Clifford
Subject: Fwd: Iain Clifford offer to Captain Jack and MFVSG, with deadline Friday 24th February 2023 17.00

Morning all,

what a great way to start the day – very funny – see my responses below in red

Simon Goldberg quatloos reviews

From: Iain Clifford

Date: 25 February 2023 at 14:41:02 GMT-5

To: Ben Hawkes
Subject: Re: Iain Clifford offer to Captain Jack and MFVSG, with deadline Friday 24th February 2023 17.00

Hi Ben

See below;
These are the guys behind the website;

They are obviously gaining great faith from the allegations put together by Simon Goldberg quatlooss reviews; I have handed the MFVSG group the following:

1. emails sent by MF/Stamp to me (whilst the content of those emails is clear bullshit) the fact that the emails were sent to me is fact

2. the videos I posted last year in response to Stamp’s own request that I post videos “in any format, anywhere and he would rebut them” (or words to that effect) following which he filed copyright claims and defamation claims to have them taken down because he cannot rebut them.

3. What Stamp claims is a rebuttal is not a rebuttal – he cannot disprove what I have factually quoted from his own website, emails or lips.

If Stamp would like to rebut the content of those videos – let’s see him do it.

What they don’t know is that Simon has never won a case of this type and he is way out of his debth on this;

Is that a fact? Confident about that are you Iain?

It’s interesting that Simon attacks me and MTRXF based on little or no research on what we are doing and assumes that we don’t have satisfied members,

Says the man who takes his research from other serious researchers.

I correctly called you out last year to say that the A4V technique you were employing would screw credit ratings – I have you on tape admitting you have screwed ratings and we have countless testimonies from people who acted on your promise/assurance = bought your “service” and subsequently had their ratings screwed and still you claim it worked LMFAO

I also correctly pointed out that you had NO TRACK RECORD writing off mortgages.  You then tried to claim you never said it – yet we have you on video and the email “adverts” you sent to people are on – who the feck are you trying to kid other than yourself?

Come on – do you claim to have had success writing off a mortgage? let’s hear it?? I say NO! you Haven’t. Prove me wrong!

As you know we get multiple testimonials every week and have a hardcore membership of very happy and grateful members that will join me in putting UCC1 liens over all those involved with the harrasment;

Harassment? Really – it is not harassment when you yourself ask me to post videos – which you did. I have the emails. The fact that you cannot rebut them is not my problem! That’s why you want them taken down – no other reason – and I will happily meet with you anywhere, face to face live streamed live audience to engage in a toe-toe re ALL your claims and promises and all the allegations/call outs/facts that I have made in response to your bullshit.

Ben – I’m even happy for you to act as one of two umpires/chairpeople. It will be live streamed. We will (after the live discussion – also hold a series of live votes about the MF PMA and the future of the management team/trustees.  I believe Jack will be suggesting some dates – end April to allow atleast 28 days notice to all members – but don’t panic Iain – I’m sure all your “satisfied” members will re-elect you. lol

Iain would NEVER lie would he:

Do you still claim Matrix Freedom was never a trading style of SENJ LTD (SEYCHELLES)?
Do you still claim that EtP copied your idea of a PMA despite being a PMA before MF?
Do you still claim I worked with you?
Do you still claim we worked together and had a “falling out”?
Do you claim to have actually completed a tax reclaim? (or are you confusing what you want to happen with what has happened) – you seem to have real problems distinguishing past and future events.
Do you claim to completed SPC for yourself?
Do you deny claiming that you would NOT adversely affect credit ratings?
Do you deny plotting to hack the YAYC website? Which is on video?
Do you deny offering a Mortgage Write Off Service when in fact you have NEVER written off a mortgage debt?
Do you deny that I accepted you offer of a “debate” last year – but then proceeded to change the format? Do you deny that happened? I have the emails!
Do you still claim the ability to produce INFINITE investment returns (a mathematical impossibility)? If so – prove it. You cannot!
Do you admit that you do NOT have a Bank Account for the Matrix Freedom PMA?
Do you placing funds which belong to members into your OWN personal Bank Accounts and or OTHER Business Accounts? We have your internal accounts and we have you on video!

Let’s see your response – for everyone’s benefit. I reckon you will avoid providing the simple yes no answers to the above questions. Instead you will continue to deflect, distract and avoid – so come on – let’s get it on.

Acts of Harassment committed by MF everyday – hounding people with emails even if they unsubscribe – I’ve won those kind of cases for harassment in court! regardless of what Stamp “thinks” he knows. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people who cannot unsubscribe from receiving the almost daily round of bullshit delivered to their inbox by MF and Stamp.

It’s revealing that Simon came to Andy Jackman when he was with MTRXF as Simon had no idea how to progress his own mortgage case against Santander,  what Simon probably does not know is that I pointed Andy in the right direction with Simons case;

Utter fantasy – what precise input did you have on the case Iain? be specific. Explain. in detail.

Simon also probably does not know that I have conducted 25 hearings in High Courts in UK, Ireland, France, Hong Kong and Bermuda as a claimant and won them all without lawyers assisting me,  I won despite the defendants employing top lawyers and barristers,  on two occasions I was up against Queens Counsel and still won;

IF true – and i repeat – if true – well done. Alas, my experience of you is that you are a compulsive liar – therefore let;s see the proof of that claim – could case numbers, parties, locations, dates.

I made legal history in the UK High Court against the FCA snd I made legal history in Ireland in the court of appeal,   both of these cases are written up in law journals and barristers chambers quote my cases as they became precedent;

Kindly provide the case numbers, names, parties and dates: let’s see if that is true.

Simon appears very confident on the basis that I have not fought against him yet,  I was not ready before, I am now,  Simon knows that  there is no fraud,  no breach of contract,  his attacks are a publicity stunt and he knows that I know this;

You have a habit of telling people what they “know” – a fundamental basic error – as frequently highlight on Judge Judy – you should watch it some time.

You have no idea what I do or do not “know”.

No fraud ? tell that to the hundreds of people who bought your lies, I trust you understand the meaning of “fraud in the inducement”?
Or perhaps fraudulent misappropriation of funds? There was an interesting case just recently in the press – woman took funds for herself that had raised for another purpose – she was jailed for fraud!

I wonder how that could possibly relate to MF? mmm let me think …. an alleged PMA which is not run as a PMA.

You entire life is a publicity stunt – you have a track record in making huge boastful claims which you cannot fulfil – however – this time you picked the wrong “market place” to peddle bullshit.

Simon is under the false belief that he is protected from a libel claim from me as he wrongly assumes that his allegations are made to protect the public interest;

Go for it. Let;s see what you’ve got. Anyone can issue a claim – question is – can you win it? I’m more than happy to get all the facts placed before the courts – somehow I doubt you want that! Alas – with what is being planned – you will have little choice in the matter and I predict that someone will soon be running away overseas.

What Simon doesn’t know is that I have s private agreement with the FCA,

(hahahaha) which explains why they still have a WARNING posted about you and

MATRIX FREEDOM here: fca news warnings senj limited seychelles mortgagefree natural justice sovereign reserve matrix freedom

they know what I am doing works

(hahahahaha) you don’t even know if what you’re doing works because you HAVENT done it lol OR DO YOU CLAIM TO HAVE DONE THE SPC AND MADE 1099 reclaims yourself??? – you HAVENT DONE IT!

you actually believe your own bullshit – utter fantasy. This has made my Sunday it really has – comedy gold  – I will ask the FCA if that’s true.

and if I was breaching any regulations they would have closed me down, they haven’t as they have no grounds to;

Which is why they have closed your banking facilities time and again becaus ethey are happy with what you are doing LMFAO

Simon responded to my offer of a recorded and moderated video meeting with further threats and harrasment;

Are you denying that I accepted your offer and

Are you denying that following my acceptance you altered the format?

Have I not accepted your offer – I’m just NOT allowing you to dictate the terms where you are protected and given days to prep your answers – let;s get it done LIVE in front of YOUR MEMBERS and live streamed – if you dare!?

Simon will not face me now,  the same happened in 2022, i offered Simon a moderated debate,  Simon refused;

I refer you to my previous answers – proof of my previous acceptance will be passed to Jack.

Simon refuses as he knows I will make him look stupid as he knows he has no merit in what ge says; 

You only make one Person look stupid – yourself.

Do you admit that you have NEVER made a successful 1099 tax reclaim yourself? yes or no?

Do you claim to have made successful tax reclaims yourself? yes or no?

Is it not true to say that you merely point to the success of others and then advertise that success as IF it were your own?

What Simon doesn’t realise is that I never start any case as a claimant until I have already won it;

This is how I won so many cases in the past;

Simon is an amature compared to the opponents I have been up against;

Harrasment by publication is already won,

Really? – better go claim the prize then. To predict the outcome of a court claim is (as you ought to be aware with your “vast” knowledge – always frowned upon and can even result in sanctions.

I suggest you take a long had look at the factual and substantive evidence – emails and chronology. You will note that I told you to stop mailing me – yet you continued. That’s called harassment. You attempted to coerce me into working with you by hounding me (as you did with Simone Marshall) – plus you demanded I post videos!

I accepted your offer to post videos and as you know – the agreement of the parties makes the ….
You are complaining about me posting videos because you cannot argue them – you underestimated me – you perhaps thought I would succumb to the offer of money to work for you – but what I saw when I looked at you was an untrustworthy person (my opinion of you) – and hence I declined. yo don;t like hearing the word “no” [a bit concerning really]

Simon doesn’t know it ,
you are correct – I don’t “know” that yet! I also highly doubt that!

Simon arrogant,  I’ll researched,  [that;’s make no sense] he us like  a thug in the playground and this is his downfall;

It’s a pity for those that believe in Simon as his amature approach and defective ability to run a case will cause significant losses for those that have aided and abetted him in harrasment by publication;

Go for it. You will also have the opportunity to wow us with your defences when you face private criminal proceedings and a what I suspect will be a multitude of civil proceedings
I’m happy to talk about the cases on our next interview, our members will be very interested

As stated Ben – I’m happy for you to be one chair – (Iain’s chair) since you clearly support Iain [which could leave you with substantial egg on your face when this is all said and done] and I will find a second chair.

I propose the weekend of April 29th and 30th 2023 at a location in the middle of the country so that the maximum number of people can attend – we will find a large hall to house around 500 people. with ample space for filming. What say you? too chicken to attend?  the Spaniard

PS – I believe “captn” jack and his group will also be accepting a face to face live Q&A discussion/extravaganza

Iain Clifford

Re: Iain Clifford offer to Captain Jack and MFVSG, with deadline Friday 24th February 2023 17.00
Iain Clifford; Simon Goldberg quatloos reviews; Ben Hawkes

Mon 27/02/2023 13:11


That’s right Iain – I’m Captain Jack in disguise, and I’m Angela Musso, and I’m Spartacus … I’m also V for Vendetta and I am the one (neo from the matrix)

Thank you for showing people the behaviour I experienced last year …. which renders any attempt at achieving any reasonable discourse with you:

a) a complete waste of time and completely pointless which I why I ceased to engage.

You go take your little court action as invited in trhe last email and we’ll see what happens. I’ve seen all your postering – you do the same with your “services” which are not “services” but are self directed “services” which people have no protection for an dwhich you cannot and have not delivered lol [complete joker]

I have accepted your alleged demand for a 1 on 1 battle of minds – alas you appear to have lost your mind somewhere along the way and are – in my opinion – in need of specialist assistance – and most likely sectioning!

I predict you will post your side of these emails to your readership and NOT my responses – which is what you did last year!

Here’s an idea – in future – just send the emails to yourself and stop bothering me – you either want an open face to face video’d discussion or you don’t. Clearly you don’t.

1. having asked me to raise some points which you would disprove – I see you have ignored the points raised and have instead inserted your own points lol
(kind of like challenging all comers to a fight – then choosing your own opponent!) LMFAO

2. I also see that having bleated on about how the FCA are responsible for the financial harm you have caused people during the past 12-15 years (and in all likelihood – your entire “career” if we can call what you a do a “career”) – you are now claiming to have a private agreement with them. lol – One word springs to my mind: deluded and mental!

and now you ask for me to counter the following:

MATRIXFREEDOM is a scam; where is your proof that anybody has lost money

My response: I trust you saw the article by Angela Musso? Have no fear Iain – those who have lost money clearly wont be suing you – so nothing to worry about there – even though I’ve had loads of them email me – and their posts are all over faceache. You carry on telling yourself they’re all happy.

MATRIXFREEDOM is a money laundering operation; if it is the members are involved, where is your proof

Some of the proof is here: toward the bottom – under the appropriate header. Why are you unable and unwilling to provide a full accounting to your members! I see you sacked Amy Kelly!

MATRIXFREEDOM has breached contracts with its members; where is your proof

The proof is the videos and the excerpts I point to within my original videos – the ones you asked me to make and have yet to rebut or disprove.

In fact – let’s cover two bases here: I will happily REMOVE ANY points made within those 11 videos which is untrue – all you have to do is point the time stamp, and video name and words which are untrue. I will even apologise for the untrue statement if you can show it’s untrue or if I cannot prove it’s true.

Likewise – YOU will need to prove that what I stated in my last email is false – or YOU APOLOGISE to everyone!
Do you claim you NEVER offered a service in which you can write off mortgages? yes or no
Do you claim you NEVER offered people “infinite” returns on investment? yes or no
Do you claim you NEVER offered people the abilitt to write off debt WITHOUt adversely affecting their credit files? yes or no – the very proof that you couldnt is IN the videos of yoru own internal management meetings on the page quoted above at

MATRIXFREEDOM is under investigation by any authority, where is your proof

see below:

See words above – “open investigation” DOH!

MATRIXFREEDOM’s financial abundance program does not have a component track record; you are offering the same or very similar components via EmpowerThePoeple and YouAndYourCash; what’s the difference

“component track record” – ARE you (stamp) claiming to have had ANY success whatsoever with SPC, or 1099 tax rebates? yes or no. It is known in law that you cannot prove something hasn’t happened you can only prove something has happened – so over to you on that. Do you claim to have had success? yes or no?

MATRIXFREEDOM PMA constitution provides members with the right to remove me; show me this from our constitutional documents

yes I’ve seen your complaints policy – hilarious – peope can only complain IF they agree to hold you completely innocent of any wrong doing LMFAO

you do realise that the courts can intervene into private unconscienable contracts/agreements and change them! you know that right!?

So for all your dodging – what you forget is that MOST of yrou clients signed up under SENJ LTD (SEYCHELLES) trading as MATRIX FREEDOM – a trading style and website which actually belong to that limited ocmpany which I believe is in liquidation ( i could be wrong). Did you buy the assets / property of SENJ from the official receiver in Seychelles??
I reckon we all know the answer to that question: no!

I am not wasting any further time playing your bullshit marketing game – you post what you like – I will be posting a video showing ALL last year’s interactions and this years.

We will soon see how great you are in court – because there are a multitude of claims coming your way. I presume your staff can defend their positions too because they are just as culpable as you.
Have a great day!

The Spaniard aka the Scarlet Pimpernell, aka Robin Hood, aka the man in the moon, and anyone else you wish to include

[it’s like being in the film: one flew over the cuckoos nest communicating with you – and I strongly suggest that the police officers I have blind copied in – consider sectioning this person]

Simon Goldberg quatloos reviews aka Spaniard.

On 27/02/2023 06:54, Iain Clifford wrote:

Simon, AKA Captain Jack (you)

I won all my cases in the High Court very easily; this one will be easier to win as your strategies are armature and very predictable and lack any substance;

Your biggest problem is that you don’t have any proof of what you allege, and an even bigger problem for you is that there is no proof as none exists;

You remind me of all my previous opponents; you fabricate stories and convince the gullible to believe them;

You try and make your allegations complex when if they were true, you would keep them simple and provide the proof as opposed to a theatre production; My previous opponents made the same mistakes; you see Simon the truth never loses once the lies are revealed; Where is the nexus of your case? 

Your deadline for providing evidence of your key allegations against MATRIXFREEDOM and me, that; 

  1. MATRIXFREEDOM is a scam; where is your proof that anybody has lost money
  2. MATRIXFREEDOM is a money laundering operation; if it is the members are involved, where is your proof
  3. MATRIXFREEDOM has breached contracts with its members; where is your proof 
  4. MATRIXFREEDOM is under investigation by any authority, where is your proof
  5. MATRIXFREEDOM’s financial abundance program does not have a component track record; you are offering the same or very similar components via EmpowerThePoeple and YouAndYourCash; what’s the difference
  6. MATRIXFREEDOM PMA constitution provides members with the right to remove me; show me this from our constitutional documents 


You have until 17.00 today to provide your evidence; I will immediately set up the video meeting for you to present your allegations and evidence;

If you fail to supply your evidence, it reveals that you don’t have any, and you have nothing to justify your harassment by publication 

You and all that aid and abet you in harassment by publication will have liens served via UCC1 filings over the CQV Trusts

I will immediately file for an injunction in the public courts, and I cant wait to meet you there as it may be the beginning of a shift in the way you conduct yourself. It may show you that Omega is better than Alpha energy

I see that you have copied in many others to your email to me;

I extend the same offer to you as detailed on my website;

Put your allegations to me,  send me your evidence, I will immediately set up a video meeting for you to present them with your evidence

Fail to do so and if you are aiding and abetting Simon I will serve a UCC1 lien against your CQV Trust

Iain Clifford


RE: Iain Clifford offer to Captain Jack and MFVSG, with deadline Friday 24th February 2023 17.00

Simon Goldberg quatloos reviews aka Spaniard, Ben Hawkes; Simone Marshall

Tue 28/02/2023 08:32

Simon, Simone

Even though you failed to comply with my deadline of Monday 27th February 2023 to supply hard evidence that back up your allegations, that:

  1. MATRIXFREEDOM is a scam; where is your proof that anybody has lost money
  2. MATRIXFREEDOM is a money laundering operation; if it is the members are involved, where is your proof
  3. MATRIXFREEDOM has breached contracts with its members; where is your proof 
  4. MATRIXFREEDOM is under investigation by any authority, where is your proof
  5. MATRIXFREEDOM’s financial abundance program does not have a component track record; you are offering the same or very similar components via EmpowerThePoeple and YouAndYourCash; what’s the difference
  6. MATRIXFREEDOM PMA constitution provides members with the right to remove me; show me this from our constitutional documents 


You provide speculations but no evidence to support them;

Your Opportunity to Prove Your Speculations and Cause a MATRIXFREEDOM members Vote

As you appear convinced that MATRIXFREEDOM members want me removed (and you take my place as you outlined on one of your videos) I am extending an invitation to you to present your allegations either in person or via a video meeting on Monday 3rd March at 14.00:

  • You are invited to attend MATRIXFREEDOM headquarters with AKA Captain Jack and Simone Marshall in person, or;
  • You, AKA Captain Jack and Simone Marshall are invited to attend the meeting via a video link;
  • You must submit your evidence bundle by Thursday 2nd March at 17.00 (this should present no problem for you as you clearly believe you have the evidence to support your videos and Facebook posts etc), your bundle must comply with this format how prepare trial bundle and index;
  • Once I have received your evidence buddle I will submit my evidence bundle in the same format in rebuttal of your evidence;


Meeting Format

  • You will present your allegations and reference your evidence bundle;
  • I will rebut your allegations and present my counter evidence as contained in my bundle;
  • You will be permitted to call upto five witnesses to give oral testimony;
  • I will be permitted to call upon five witnesses to give oral testimony;


MATRIXFREEDOM Team Attendance At The Meeting

  • The MATRIXFREEDOM senior team comprising of, Iain, Terry, Barrie, Angela, Fiona, Kirsty, Steve, Mrinal, Dan, Jasmin and Simone
  • The MATRIXFREEDOM new member recruitment team of, Justine, Paul, Julie-Anne Burns, Ewelina, Michaela, Kirsty, Leo, Kelly, Andrew             
  • The MATRIXFREEDOM paid member fulfilment team of, Charmaine, Kieran, Mia, Octavia, Phoebe, Fern, Alex, Mark, Sam
  • The MATRIXFREEDOM projects and IT team of, Sonia, Saurav, Mrinal, Praveen, Gaurav, Farhad, Krishna, Sharik, Amy


Member Vote Following The Meeting

  • I will send the meeting video to our entire membership and solicit a vote;


Member Vote Options

  1. Iain Clifford continues to operate as the Founder and Driving force of MATRIXFREEDOM continues to offer the Financial Abundance Program via a free upgrade to its existing members, continues to build The World’s Biggest Freedom Community for its existing members for free
  1. Iain Clifford steps down as MATRIXFREEDOM Founder and Driving force and my administrative companies cease offering the Financial Abundance Program fulfilment services upgrade to its existing members as at the date of the vote, ceases to build The World’s Biggest Freedom Community for its existing members you replace me as the Driving Force of MATRIXFREEDOM and I withdraw my administrative companies support


Option 1 provides existing members with a free upgrade program with significantly better benefits to those expected from Mortgagefree/Natural Justice or Sovereign Reserve brands, plus members get to access our parallel freedom community at no extra charge

Option 2 provides members with your range of EmpowerThePeople services

Members Have no Contractual Right to a Refund

If the majority of members choose option 2 they will do so with no contractual right to a refund of fees paid to my administrative companies as the contract they entered provides self-directed administrative services with no warranties of the outcome or any right to refund outside of statutory rights or if there is a material breach of the administrative services paid for

Vote Outcome

  1. Should the majority of members vote for option 1 you agree to withdraw 100% of your libellous material from the internet and other mediums, and refrain from your harassment by publication and I agree to cease taking any action against you via UCC1 lien filings or via “harassment via Publication” or “Liable”
  1. Should the majority of members vote for option 2 I will comply with the vote and step down as Founder and Driving Force of MATRIXFREEDOM


Your Final Opportunity

Should you fail to supply me with your evidence bundle in the format required by Thursday 2nd March at 17.00 I will instigate UCC1 lien proceedings against you and your supporters, I will commence proceedings in the courts for injunctive relief under the tort of “Harassment via Publication”  

Your Threat of a Private Criminal Prosecution

I want you to send me the details of the lawyer that has agreed to take on your Private Criminal Prosecution by 17.00 on 3rd March;

I will engage in dialog with your lawyer and supply them with the video meeting

In the unlikely event that any case continues against me I will defend myself in the High Courts without lawyers,  I will bring multiple members to provide me as character witnesses and I will bring my entire management and staff team who will confirm their 100% support of my decisions and membership strategy as Founder and Driving Force of MATRIXFREEDOM

In the matter of v Simon Goldberg (quatloos reviews), Mark Moxom and Simone Marshall (empower the earth) In The Court of Truth