In the matter of Iain Clifford v Simon Marshall (Empower The Earth) In The Court of Truth

Simone Marshall Empower The Earth - review


Iain Clifford

“I brought about these proceedings following alleged defamation of my character and or defamatory statements made about me by the defendant

I give every defendant the opportunity of sending me their evidence to justify their statements that defame or libel my character, either written or oral, in a formal evidence bundle

Following the submission of the defendant’s evidence, I invite them to a recorded physical meeting or a recorded video meeting to present their case and evidence

Or they can issue me with a written public apology that retracts everything they have said and written

If the defendant submits evidence and attends the meeting, I will refute it with the truth

I will send the defendant’s evidence and my evidence, and the video of the meeting to my MATRIXFREEDOM members for their verdict

Should the majority of my members find against the defendant, I will issue an affidavit to the defendant, providing them with a further opportunity to submit their evidence and refute under oath my assertions of their tort of defamation and or libel

If the defendant fails to respond to the affidavit with sufficient answers, I will file a UCC1 lien against the defendant’s CQV Trust (Strawman) for substantial damages

I will liquidate the lien via the IRS or statutory demand

I will use the proceeds to build the MATRIXFREEDOM freedom community for my members

Should the defendant fail to submit any evidence

The correspondence below details the actual dialogue between me and the defendant, my writings in green italics and the defendant’s in standard blue text”

Simone Marshall Empower The Earth -

From: Simone Marshall (empower the earth)

Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2023 11:17 AM

To: Iain Clifford ; Spaniard ; Simon Goldberg Quatloos Reviews ; Simone Marshall (empower the earth)

Subject: RE: Iain Clifford offer to Captain Jack and MFVSG, with deadline Friday 24th February 2023 17.00

Importance: High


IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP, or whomever you call yourself these days.

This is a FORMAL WARNING to YOU and YOUR STAFF, who are directed by you, namely the following:

  • Terry Franks
  • Barrie McDowell
  • Angela Clarkson
  • Fiona Keen
  • Kirsty McKenzie
  • Simone Phillips
  • Steven Dewen
  • Mrinal Kumar
  • Jasmin Cottrell
  • Dan Fullick
  • Tim Covington

This is the SEVENTH email I have received from you since WEDNESDAY 22 FEBRUARY, in which you DEMAND a response from me.  Not only have you emailed my PERSONAL email account, but you have also BOMBARDED me with your ABSOLUTE DIATRIBE on my work emails too.

Besides the fact that I do not wish to be dragged into your PETTY PLAYGROUND antics, I do not believe your email (nor YOU for that matter) is worthy of any response from me.

Alas, your email content is UTTER NONSENSE and PURE FANTASY, and you seemingly fail to forget that I have FIRST HAND EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY and KNOWLEDGE and FACTS and HARD EVIDENCE of the following:

  1. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP was operating as company SENJ LTD with MATRIXFREEDOM as a “trading style”, but was shut down in early 2022 because of the FCA pressure applied to the appointed administrators in SEYCHELLES who wrote withdrawing from their appointment
  2. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP did not communicate this to his “clients” and staff who were contracted to SENJ LTD
  3. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP changed employment contracts to unfavourable terms without any notice or consultation and demanded that staff and clients sign new terms and when they did not accept, he demanded monies back from them for work they had already carried out and had been paid for
  4. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP changed MATRIXFREEDOM to a PMA without consulting his “clients” or “staff”
  5. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP deceptively set up MATRIXFREEDOM PMA to continue operating his enterprise without any intention of it being a TRUE PMA that offers ownership to its members.
  6. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP holds the funds belonging to MATRIXFREEDOM PMA members in multiple personal and business accounts unrelated to MATRIXFREEDOM and does not provide clarity to his members of where those funds are held and how they are being used.
  7. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP uses multiple businesses to take payments from “clients” as the FCA and banking institutions had shut down multiple payment gateways and bank accounts related to SENJ, MATRIXFREEDOM, AK ADMINISTRATION, etc etc
  8. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP requests “clients” transfer funds directly to other company bank accounts to intentionally avoid offering any payment protection.
  9. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP intends to buy a castle and other property for HIMSELF from the proceeds of the PMA
  10. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP uses member funds to finance his own lifestyle (ie travels abroad, hire luxury cars, rented luxury accommodation)
  11. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP abused GDPR and Data Protection by causing multiple DATA BREACHES with
    1. leaking “client” data and information and subsequently denied any fault
    2. Denied any recourse and threatened those who had been affected by the breach with legal action
    3. Continual marketing emails and text messages that no one can “unsubscribe” from
    4. Ignoring requests to unsubscribe and/or provide personal data upon request
  12. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP assigned and tasked staff to access other platforms and download their copyrighted materials to use for commercial gain
    1. YAYC website
    2. House of Marcus website
    3. Bibi Baccaus website
    4. Reclaim Your Securities website
    5. This list is not exhaustive
  13. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP assigned and tasked staff to hack into YAYC website with malicious intent to destroy or damage YAYC works
  14. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP has knowingly marketed “Services” that:
    1. He has stolen and passed off as his own
    2. He has never tried and tested himself and cannot confirm their validity
    3. He has falsely advertised
    4. He is unable to deliver
    5. Upon realising he is unable deliver, blames everyone else except himself
    6. Upon not taking responsibility (ie blaming others for his incompetence and deceit) he REFUSES to give any refunds to “clients” who have reasonable grounds to request such a refund and instead COERCES them into parting with even more money to access further “services” that he will not deliver
    7. Upon not taking responsibility (ie blaming others for his incompetence and deceit) he further BLAMES the clients for they paid for a “self-directed process” and therefore MATRIXFREEDOM is not liable to make a refund.
  15. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP knowingly continues to market “Services” that:
    1. He has stolen and passed off as his own
    2. He has never tried and tested himself and cannot confirm their validity
    3. He has falsely advertised
    4. He is unable to deliver
  16. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP knowingly misleads his STAFF and his “clients” in relation to:
    1. the “services” he promotes
    2. his track record
    3. his “innocence” and true motivations
  17. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP refuses to refund monies due to “clients” he has mis-led and who he has ceased providing original services to, and further ridicules them for even asking.
  18. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP employs STAFF who will just say “yes” to everything he says – who are too dumb to discern – and anyone who dares challenge his EGO is either demoted or sacked.
    1. For their network
    2. For their creativity
    3. For their reputation
    4. For their cash
    5. For commercial gain
    6. Then drops them when there is nothing more to gain
    1. Made multiple threats and/or promises to take action against me via UCC1 lien filings if I do not respond to his DEMANDS since last Weds 22 February
    2. Made those threats knowing full well that:
      1. He has never created a LIEN in his life and doesn’t know how to prepare / complete such a record
      2. Steven Dewen (his “legal team”) has never created a LIEN in his life and doesn’t know how to prepare such a record
      3. He and Steven will likely use a STOLEN templated version of a LIEN from the YAYC website
    3. Directed staff to message me by text message by way of further nuisance (text message Steve Dewen)
  21. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP has underestimated the many people he has FUCKED OVER, including but not limited to:
    1. 16 members of etp who were “clients” of MATRIXFREEDOM, who have experienced FIRST-HAND all of the above
    2. 4 ex-employees of MATRIXFREEDOM, including myself, who have experienced FIRST-HAND all of the above
    3. Simon Goldberg Quatloos reviews/Mark Moxom
    4. 4 Interview hosts that I had introduced to IAIN
    5. The MFVSG and thousands of other clients he has cheated
    6. The authorities that are investigating his criminal conduct/activities
  22. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP has a track record in failed/ruined relationships with
    1. Myself
    2. Matthew Fanthom
    3. Andrew Jackman
    4. Kevin Stanford
    5. Amy Kelly
    6. Lauren Collins
    7. Michele Pohl
    8. Aleks Nowacka
    9. Vafa Kaveh
    10. Fiona Campbell
    11. Lesley Taylor
    12. Sam Beck
    13. This list is not exhaustive
  23. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP has a track record in marketing SCAMS that result in taking people’s money and never delivering (or intending to deliver) ANYTHING
    1. March 8 2010 – iain stamp uk integrity investment conman portsmouth nationwide 579237PPF
    2. April 16 2016 – iain stamp ppf finance advance fees fraud portmouth hampshire 1300077PPF
    3. Sept 7 2017 – iain stamp iain compton stamp ppf capital iain clifford stamp v fca uk innovative ti limited v fca stargate corporate finance ltd v fca nationwide iain stamp iain compton stamp ppf capital iain clifford stamp v fca uk innovative ti limi 1398380
    4. Sept 22 2017 – iain stamp ppf capitalfx perpetual managed fund wealthfortresscouk wealthfortressco 1398198
    5. Nov 6 2017 – portsmouth england portsmouth iain stamp iain clifford stampiain compton stamppp financingppf capital source defrau 1410643
  26. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP is in my opinion DELUDED and BLIND-SIDED by his enormous EGO
  27. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP in my opinion believes he can walk all over everyone and anyone and do as he pleases without any ramifications
  28. IAIN CLIFFORD COMPTON STAMP in my opinion uses word soup techniques to DISTRACT and DISTORT the truth to further his own agenda which is purely driven by SELF INTEREST and he will NEVER be able to come to the table with CLEAN HANDS.

Everything that is stated above, can be verified as FACT with EVIDENCE – most of which came from YOUR OWN LIPS (or as a consequence of), and EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY from the VICTIMS of your DECEIT.  The bundle has already been prepped and is ready for legal counsel to review.

I see NO REASON to give you any more of my precious time and energy – you’ve proven to me TIME AND AGAIN that you are UNTRUSTWORTHY. Your IMMATURE EMPTY threats and/or OFFERS of A MEETING to allegedly “resolve” a problem (that you created) is FUTILE since you are unwilling to acknowledge your WRONGDOING and/or make right IN GOOD FAITH.

People like you DO NOT DESERVE MY TIME AND ENERGY – you’ve consistently LIED and DAMAGED too many people to even consider giving you THE TIME OF DAY, let alone any moment from it!!

NOTE: I consider your multiple demands and threats as harassment, and I intend to lodge a formal complaint with the Metropolitan Police for the same.


Simone Marshall (empower the earth)


Empower the People

Private Membership Association


Your Opportunity to Prove Your Allegations

Simone Marshall (empower the people) ; Simon Goldberg Quatloos Reviews;

Wed 01/03/2023 07:33

Hi Simone

Such a shame that you always want to fight everyone, I pray for your soul;

Your allegations are of a serious nature;

The problem is that you bring no proof to support them,  just speculations, hearsay and flawed internet stories that were put there by people with an agenda such as yourself;

I provide you with an opportunity to stand by your allegations by presenting me with your evidence;


I will prepare my evidence bundle to counter your allegations and send it to you by Wednesday 8th March 17.00;

You are invited to my offices to present your case in person,  or you can join by video link,  you must refer to your evidence bundle;

I will present my counter evidence;

The meeting will be recorded;

The meeting will be published on my website moderated debate and posted on social media


If you do not deliver your evidence in the format I require (as above) by 17.00 on the 6th March 2023 or provide me with a public apology by Wednesday 8th March via a written statement that unreservedly withdraws your libellous statements one by one and apologises to me;

I will file an Affidavit against you that compels you to prove your allegations,  if you cannot prove your allegation under oath and under the risk of perjury you accept them to be libellous and you accept them to have caused me damage

I will serve a UCC1 lien over your CQV Trust as described here:


I offer you an opportunity ro present your evidence that I have defrauded anyone;

Iain Clifford


Simone Marshall Affidavit Signed