FCA Investigation June 2023

In action led by the FCA, Iain was recently arrested, questioned, and released without charge.

The grounds for the arrest were that MATRIXFREEDOM (MF-PMA) and its affiliated Customer directed administrative facilitation companies appeared to the FCA to require regulatory licences to carry out the services provided.

The FCA secured an order to constrain Iain’s personal bank accounts under the Proceeds of Crime Act via speculations that I may lead a criminal lifestyle.

My computer, phone and computers at the office were seized as part of the FCA’s investigation, which I expect will continue for the foreseeable future and may lead to a court hearing.

I am confident that the FCA are wrong in law as they don’t understand the nature of the MF-PMA and affiliated companies’ services and how they are delivered.

The FCA speculates that MF-PMA may provide financial services in breach of the FSMA 2000 General Prohibition.

Specifically, the FCA speculate that MF-PMA and its affiliated companies may be providing claims management and debt counselling service and issuing financial promotions in breach of the FSMA 2000, which, if proven, violates the FSMA 2000 General Prohibition.


MF-PMA and its affiliated administrative facilitation companies do not:

  • Provide Financial services or legal services.
  • Provide any services that require a regulatory license.
  • Specifically, MF-PMA nor my companies provide Claims Management, Debt Counselling, or issue financial promotions.
  • Act as the member’s Agent.
  • Act in any way as the principal.
  • Do not equal to the Customer, expressly or implicitly, and do not represent theCustomer.
  • Make any warranties that the processes outlined at MF-PMA will achieve the outcome sought by the member.
  • Provide any timescale assurances for the processes to achieve the result sought by the member.

I have made an application to the court to strike out the FCA’s constraint order because it:

  • Lacks jurisdiction*
  • Evidences maladministration
  • Breaches my English and British constitutional rights
  • Breaches my Human Rights
*No Statute since 1973 has standing because the Queen (QE11) transferred her powers to a foreign state in 1972. Transference of powers by QE11 was an act of sedition as it violated the Act of Settlement 1700 and The Bill of Rights 1689. QE11 abdicated the throne and was no longer the Monarch and became the head of state (UK Incorporated), Which all means that no Statute or Act since 1973 has received Royal Assent as there is no Monarch and, therefore, no “Regall” Parliament to enact Acts and Statutes.


No restrictions have been placed on MF-PMA or any of its affiliated companies – It’s business as usual.

Iain is determined to continue delivering the tools required for members to become Financially abundant and free from state controls.

Webinar For Paid Clients

In this webinar, I outline the nature of the FCA’s investigation and how it is an opportunity to set the record straight and prove the validity of everything MF-PMA does.

Please look out in your email inbox for an invitation to the webinar.


It appears that the FCA investigation is part of an ongoing vendetta against me that commenced in 2010 when I complained about their destruction of my highly successful financial services business, my various complaints to them and the FCA complaints commissioner between 2010 and 2017, my Upper Tribunal and Judicial Review against them in 2017 and 2018.

The FCA investigation attempts to destroy MATRIXFREEDOM (MF-PMA) and deny its members the opportunity to benefit from Financial Abundance Program, Mortgagefree and Direct Debit Indemnity.

At the interview, the FCA asked various questions relating to:

The existence of the Cestui Que Vie trust

  • The existence of Secured Party and Creditor status
  • The existence of the Treasury Direct Account
  • The existence of money creation via the issuance of the Cestui Que Vie trust securities (payments, bank loans, credit cards and mortgages) And the right to recoup them as abandoned property
  • The ability to create new securities and recoup it to buy a house, a car and goods and services

I explained to the FCA with technical justifications that prove that everything I outline on my webinars and in the MF-PMA platform is true.

To learn more about the FCA’s investigation and how it is an opportunity for me to prove them wrong, attend the webinar.

To learn how you can benefit from the fact that no Acts and Statutes have Royal Assent since 1973, meaning no tax Acts, including the council tax, applies, and all other Acts and Statutes from 1973 are void, attend the webinar.

To learn how you can claim your right to the English and British constitution via Magna Carta 1202, 1297, Act of Settlement 1700, Bill of Rights 1688, Bill of Rights 1689, Coronation Act 1688, Habeas Corpus 1679, Treason Act 1795, Justice of the Peace Act 1949, Justice of the Peace Act 1968 and Theft Act 1968, attend the webinar.